22 June 2012

Montessori Graduation

This morning, my family schlepped over to witness Holden graduate from preschool.  These are a few of his friends:  Colby, the cutiepie on the left, is his best friend, and Ezekiel, who is so sweet, is another classmate.  Before the performance, I took a few pictures taken in the basement "holding cell."

I recorded most of the Disney-themed graduation performance, and started taking regular pictures post-show.  The Woody hat is leftover from his costume (he also had a Woody shirt and a foam, weapon-less hip holster), and the balloon is a gift from my sister and I.  Inflated Spongebobs on a stick really amuse me, and it's now permanent dresser decor.

We went to see Pixar's "Brave" with a lot of his classmates afterwards at the El Capitan in Hollywood, and the art direction was just beautiful.  The sold-out theater was mass chaos, though, since it was the first show of opening day, with a lengthy choreographed live musical performance pre-show, complete with Disney characters.  Fantastic for kids, though Holden kept asking when the movie would start.  Ha.

Congratulations, my little baby!  I can't believe he's going to kindergarten in the Fall!

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