17 February 2012

The Aqua House

One of my favorite Christmas gifts is Grace Bonney's hefty "Design*Sponge" (how I love Amazon wish lists), and it is so absolutely lovely!  I love perusing other creative people's spaces, as it inspires me.  Not that my home is at the caliber of those featured in the book, but if you're curious, here are a few of my favorite things.

I love jelly jars, primarily for drinking.  Tall ones for water and juice, smaller ones for wine and whiskey.  During parties; tea light holders.  A bit of hot water will melt the wax right off.  The trays are vintage cafeteria trays, a Salvation Army find.

Side note:  I call my abode "The Aqua House" because it is painted in that exact hue.  When I was searching for places, not one felt quite right until I saw this 1940s one.  I didn't even have to see the little milk bottle door in the kitchen, or the pink-tiled bathroom, to know that I've arrived home.

My foyer.  The US postage dispenser was from a prop sale near my house, and the Robin's Egg Blue microscope came nestled in the wooden box next to it, complete with prepped slides.

Advanced Calculus texts, a bright red mail box that was a birthday request six years ago, a crumbling edition of "Alice Through the Looking Glass," and a school pencil dispenser (another prop score).


I hosted an Apocalyptic New Year's Eve party this year (hence the 2012 pennants), and this is what's left of my bar:  Cointreau, dry Vermouth and a vintage cocktail shaker.  The bar menu listed the cocktail of the hour, starting from 9pm (Dark and Stormy, The White Horseman, Black Death), and ending with midnight champagne.

One of my road trip finds:  a Polaroid Model 150.  It came in a beautiful camel-colored case and I'm equally in love with both camera and compartment.

Above the fireplace.

See what I mean about the case?  I'm so in love.  The terranium was a mass project that H and I embarked on one afternoon, and I'm hoping that my un-green thumb can be adept with hardy succulents.  The movie-making-looking contraption is actually a pencil sharpener found at Wacko, a rad gift store in Hollywood.  I can spend hours pawing through ephemera; I bought all of H's stocking stuffers there.  And the British war propaganda poster, "Keep Calm and Carry On," is pretty iconic.  Reminds me to breathe.

The other poster is of Pasadena's Norton Simon's "Surface Truths" contemporary exhibit from early 2011 that I took H to.  Side note:  to love me is to humor my attraction to rectangular objects, particularly if they're multi-functional.  Hence, my obsession with vintage suitcases, posters, lunch boxes, trays, paper, books...

...rectangular wooden boxes that once proudly organized cassette tapes and VHS that I jokingly (not really) call "sculpture."  Also, I love numbers (is this because I'm Asian?) and medical/office/elementary school type paraphernalia, so scales are another thing I love to amass.

Old and new cigar boxes (filled with calligraphy inks and stamps) and cream magazine files.  The bottom metal rectangle is a rusted miniature Madeline tin, found in my favorite vintage store an hour north of Los Angeles.

H loves to collect sticks, and he had to contribute by propping one up.  I should stop throwing them out by the dozens and start a collage.  H constantly surprises me with his creativity, not only in 2d, but in 3d as well.  I love his little robot, complete with swiveling eyes and multi-jointed arms.  And I love H's chubby, precious little hands.

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