09 January 2012

Holden v. 5.0

I thought it'd be memorable to have Holden author and illustrate a book for his goodie bags.  We conjured the story by me giving him a line, and he'd brainstorm the next, until we had "The Good Monster."  I'll post the story in the next entry.

Holden loves hearts, so I asked him to draw a few.  I sewed double-layers of hearts together with navy thread, and label taped out names, and hot-glued pins.

Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting, per H's request.  Ms. Nel, his teacher, receives a puffy heart.

Having the kids sit outside to consume the strawberry-Oreo topped cupcakes was pretty genius of Ms. Nel.  Dropped pastries, frosting-side down?  Just a swipe of a napkin and we're golden.

Hearts on hearts.

In the evening, our family went to Giggles 'n Hugs in Century City (again, per H's request).  There must be some magic about the huge indoor playground and free video games.

I love grandparents' expressions.

 One of Holden's many aunts.

I can't believe my baby is now five.  Happy 5th Year, Precious Son.

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