09 January 2012

"The Good Monster"

"Once there lived a little boy named Schmolden who was about to go to sleep in his big, soft bed."

"He was thirsty, so Schmolden leapt out of bed.  He heard a loud, 'Ouch!'  He had accidentally stepped on the foot of a monster!"

"'Are you a good or bad monster?'  Schmolden asked."  (Here, my sister said this sounded exactly what H would say.  And that's because he did.)

"'I am a good monster.  My name is Hudder,' replied the monster."  ("Hudder!" laughed my sister.  "That's exactly a name that H would say, too!")

"'Oh, okay,' said Schmolden, relieved."
"'Do you want to come with me to the kitchen?'"

"'Yes," said the good monster."
"'Okay, let's go!" said the little boy."

"Schmolden and Hudder went and got a glass of water."

"Then they hurried back and cozied themselves underneath the big, soft blankets and slept."

"And they were good friends from then on."

"The End."

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