23 August 2011

The Renegade Craft Fair 2011 >> Los Angeles

The Renegade Craft Fair is a large-scale DIY marketplace event, featuring hundreds of the best indie craft designers and makers around (held in six cities annually, with holiday events as well).  I live off this stuff.  And vintage stores!  This year's fair (July 16th and 17th) was better than last year's, because it was cooler (temperature-wise) and especially because I was armed with my new camera (a birthday gift to myself yay)!  I loved perusing the booths that caught my fancy (and there were a plethora), and most were so gracious to let me snap away.  Regrettably, I couldn't post all of them, so I've selected just a sampling.

Activity truck - create your own letterpressed bag.  Cute idea and wish I could've patronized it, but alas, didn't have time.

Rad DJ from 88.9 KXLU, a non-commercial, educational station broadcasting from the Westchester campus of Loyola Marymount University.

Custom hand-lettered stamps ($65)  from Paper Pastries.  I bought a map trinket box for my sister and me, and my friend Deb kept asking what I was going to put in it.  Deb - they're being primarily used for earring storage on the go!  One of the adorable ladies was wearing a beautiful cloth origami necklace from Homako.

A bowlful of cheerful manila gift tags by Table Top Made, a letterpress company in Santa Barbara co-owned by Karis van Noord and Sarah Wilkinson.  I heart that city, with the ginormous Alice Keck playground and staircase-access beaches.  Oh, and that arrow!

Gorgeous feather earrings and agate necklaces from M Stone.  If you know me, you know I can't resist those "hippie" earrings (as one client called me on a modeling shoot last Monday)!  I loved how they added billowy fabric to work with the industrial metal beams.

My friend Deb who came for traipse-support through Renegadeland.  I forgot to grab the business card from Deb; my apologies that this beautiful jewelry is uncredited!

Sweet felt and fabric jewelry by Yoko Minemura of Homako.

Julie Bonifay's Magna.  I fell in love, and didn't want to leave her booth!  Those geometrical hues are.  So.  Beautiful.

Danni Hong and her husband, Nick, of "Oh, Hello Friend."  Wish I had more pictures of her smile, but her charming booth was seriously busy and she was on the move most of the time.

My favorites were the perpetual calendar necklace (it served as a pendant) and a "Smile!  Today is a new and beautiful day" stamp that I couldn't resist buying.  I'm a sucker for stationery stuffs - what can I say.

Elinor Nissley, printer and designer of Krank Press.  Totally thought I caught her hot pink converses - dang it!  But now you know.  Loved the neon tape against gray, and the Scandinavian/Japanese clean beauty of her line.

Beth and Mark Brickley of Hero Design Studio.  I was mesmerized by the San Francisco and greyhound print, and then I realized:  they both have robin's egg blue backgrounds.  Mais oui!

Why I love The Renegade Craft Fair:
1.  Outdoor lighting - perfect, since I love natural light
2.  Meeting the creative forces behind the business - my favorite picture is of Beth and Mark in their booth
3.  Inspirational - seeing all the different takes on stationery and art helps me shape Cake + Milk to be a more accurate depiction of who I am and what I love

Hopes for RCF LA 2012:
1.  More affordable and a variety of eats and drinks!  Bring back Blue Bottle Coffee and pastries!  Live music, s'il vous plait!  We were hungry and thirsty, but not for alcohol or uber-pricey Mexican/Cuban food (I love food, but not food with a capital $), and the cold treats truck ran out of... ice.
2.  Keep the free stuff going.  Last year, I scored a free tote bag;  this year, photobooth photos from Magnolia Photo Booth Co.
3.  Armed with more moola.  It's near criminal to deprive so many beautiful things of a loving home...

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