14 June 2010

Winners of our Giveaway

And the winners are...

1.  Phalen Elonich (of phalendesign illustration)
     - Her dad "orders t-shirts for my family showing off my most recent design. He sounds rather embarrassing, but I love the support he shows and gives me, even from our distance apart."

2.  Ashley
     - "My dad is awesome, because he is such a good teacher.... He knows so much and is always willing to show you, if you are willing to learn."
3.  Dessa (of Nearest and Dearest)
     - Dessa's father taught her "Greek mythology by telling a little piece of the story of the Iliad every night. He wanted me to experience it the way the ancient Greeks would have. My dad has always talked to me about the complexities of the world and people.... I love him and I'm thankful for what he's taught me."

Ladies, please email us (howdy at cakeandmilkpaperie.com) your mailing address so that we may send out the Father's Day card asap!

Thank you so much for entering - as you can see, this was an easy win for you three!  :)

*picture from athena1970's flickr

1 comment:

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