27 December 2009

Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee

This is Holden's first Christmas where he understood the high of opening a mass amount of presents.  So far, he was patient enough to leave gifts still cloaked until we gave him permission after a leisurely* brunch (pumpkin pancakes, turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, oh my!).

His favorite present:  a tricycle from my parents and sister, which Holden absolutely adored ("I pedaled, Mama!").  I think his second favorite is the electric drum set from his dad, though in my heart I know it was the Kumon mathematic workbooks Santa got him.

I love how Christmas makes the world a bit brighter (Literally!  Bedazzled homes = <3) make and encourages lovelier behavior towards the people we interact with.  "Smiling's my favorite."  - Buddy the Elf

I hope everyone had a jolly, delicious holiday!

*I savored it.  The next decade will just be coffee at dawn and five hours of chasing Holden, reminding him to eat.

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