28 December 2009

I'm in Love.

Last night, they were playing a Gene Kelly double feature at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.  I have never seen a classic movie, nor have I gone to the tourist-y Egyptian Theater, but I really felt like dressing up and doing something on a Saturday night.  Missed "Singin' in the Rain," but had enough time to butter up my popcorn and snuggle into the middle of the theater with friends.

And then I sat transfixed for the next hour plus, mesmerized by the triple-threat-er.  My first words after "The End" was, "I feel like I've done nothing with my life."  Once upon a time, actors were actually cast based upon multi-dimensional talents, talents that they worked like madmen to perfect.  Yes, the story line is lacking, saccharine-ly unrealistic, and Leslie Caron was definitely not chosen for her adept acting skills, but somehow, all of the components shaken up make sense.  I love the happy-hued paintbrush of Technicolor!  And the "I Can Do It" number with the children!  How his passion must be made an indeliable mark in their lives.  And Oscar's comedic timing during the cafe scene with Guertary.  Perfection.

I am so in love with Gene Kelly.

Ecstatic my first experience with a mid-century Oscar winner was on the silver screen.  I can't wait to see another TCM staple.  Tap tap tap!


christine said...

See Hitchcock's North by Northwest! Great story and acting, the clothes and style are amazing too.

Lisa said...

That sounds like such a wonderful night and I love your description! It's been awhile since I've seen the classics and I think I'm going to have to add "watch Gene Kelly" to my to do list!

Chelsea said...

Me too! One of my favorite films.