03 October 2009

In Search of Delectable Fried American Pastries

When I picked up Holden from school Thursday, he announced in a pitiful voice that he was "hun-ghee."

"Would you like some frozen yogurt? Or maybe chocolate ice cream?"

"No, I no want."

(What is wrong with this kid?)

Brilliant idea. "With rainbow sprinkles on top?"

Holden pauses for a few moments. "I WHAN DONUTS!" I was derailed for a moment, as this was an unprecedented request outside of any given Sunday.

I should interject that he loves church primarily for the pink boxes primly lined up outside on card tables for post-sermon fuel. Some days, the colorful ones are already gone, only evidenced by errant pieces of green or pink or red skating on wax paper. Those are the days that we convince Holden that shredded coconut is so very delicious.

I gain weight much too easily to have ever memorized local donut shops, but apparently these establishments are easy to locate if you are avidly searching for one. Halfway home, I saw the telltale yellow sign of a mom-and-popper, and Holden left handprints all over the display glass.

I bought a few twists for Grandma and Grandpa at home. And Holden chose another chocolate cake donut with chocolate sprinkles for later consumption.

And then he wanted tacos.

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