29 March 2009


To continue the ten motif (check out our new "The Numbers" print), I wanted to share the inspirational back page of April 2009's Body + Soul magazine.

Ten Thoughts on Whole Living
by Terri Trespicio

1. Give yourself time to consider what you most want to contribute to the world.
2. Worth doesn't begin and end with a bank account. Appreciate your true abundance.
3. Skin is a living, breathing organ. Select your beauty products wisely.
4. The earth's future and our own are linked. Live in a way that supports both.
5. Better eating starts with small, positive steps.
6. Amazing things happen when you opt for healthier choices.
7. Aging well has less to do with what you avoid and more to do with what you embrace.
8. Make every effort to be gentle with yourself.
9. A close network of friends and family can sustain you in more ways than you know.
10. The decision to let go may be the most important one you ever make.


Lynne said...

This seems like a good list - I think being careful about what you eat is really important, plus making time to be alone.

Truly Smitten said...

hi! just came across your blog and LOVE the whole look of it! Very pretty =)

steph said...

hello my dear...i hope all is well with you & the fam...
i miss you guys! xoxo
p.s. thank for this post, it made me smile~~ <3