31 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Ask me to cook and I'll ignore you. But come over on Saturday mornings and there's a good chance I'll hand you a plate of fresh pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes. Homemade pancakes are super close to baking, and baking... Baking! BAKING. How I love thee. Holden has never licked beaters before, but nobody had to tell him how. See how clean those are getting? That's his 2nd one, too. Chocolate cream cheese frosting is applicable to all ages.

A few weeks ago, my sister Kat was rolling Christmas sugar cookies with Holden, clad in a half-apron and loving every minute. As you can see from the look on his face, he's very picky about which cutter to use, even changing his mind in the middle of pressing. It's funny to see your once helpless baby now flour-dusted, holding cookie cutters and deliberating with such confliction. And every child's favorite part; decorating the shapes with tiny non-pareil sprinkles in every color and tiny candy gingerbread men. I don't think my family has ever enjoyed a dessert more.

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