22 October 2008

First Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Last Friday, Holden and I visited the Pumpkin Patch in Beverly Hills. It was his first time (and mine, too! I'm such a city girl) and we both had so much fun. There were different activities to do, such as a hay maze, air-filled jack-o-lantern jumper and paint-your-own-pumpkin. Behbeh was more interested in running around unemcumbered through the rows of cheerful autumnal gourds. Since we just read Pumpkin Pumpkin, I was ecstatic to show him a real pumpkin seed. He thought it would be fun to shove it in the dent of a stem.

I loved how the proprietors carted in different colors. We bought two tiny pumpkins, one in orange and the other in cream. Alex came home the other day with a small pumpkin, for carving. I can't wait! We ordered a dinosaur costume (the most decent one on sale) and Holden has already discovered he cannot abide the hoodie-like headpiece. He'll be a boy-headed dinosaur for Halloween.

Sitting on the huggable fruits, just like Jamie below (see the Buffalo Tiny Toms?). I love Jeanne Titherington's hazy colored pencil illustrations. Beautiful!

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