07 September 2008

Drinking In: Matt Albiani

Having lived in Bluffton, South Carolina for the past three years (Alex was stationed in Parris Island), I'm quite partial to things from that region. Friends (how I miss you guys), Savannah (we were only half an hour away), Jim 'N Nicks (please come to LA!). So when I saw the title of this arresting photograph taken by Matt Albiani, I just had to post. I heart the placement, the tranquility and the use of the negative space.

photo from mattalbiani.com, "Lifeguards, South Carolina"

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Andrea said...

Thanks! I had a wonderful time too and don't worry about the salad. It's just a salad. Tell Kat hi too!

P.S. I love your stuff and I am secretly disappointed with myself for already purchasing invitations for my companies annual party...next year though! ;)