22 July 2008

California Gift Show

We've been busy little bees these past few weeks, preparing for the California Gift Show. It was our first show, and I had to create new mass-marketable collections for the wholesale market (since we feature personalized stationery). Two words: exhausted and exhilarated. The show ended yesterday, and I went to bed early (what a treat!). Poor Alex was trying to have a conversation and I kept nodding off.

We've met a lot of new buyers and friends, had a lot of family visit and help, and gained valuable experience. Here are some pictures of our booth, which Alex, who is not a carpenter by any means, worked so hard on (thank you, Milk!). Thank you to Lauren for patiently cutting out each letter of our sign, along with baking picture-perfect cupcakes for three days in a row. Gratitude to Connie, our PR whiz, who dropped everything to whip up a kit in a few days. And to our helper elves, Kat, Helen and Sandra, who baby-sat, folded and scented samples, cleaned and cooked. If it weren't for all those helping hands and hearts, the Cake + Milk booth would've just had me sitting in the middle of the floor holding two cards.

Our booth neighbors who became friends:
* Vicki Lane and her album creations Keep in Touch,
plus her daughter Michelle Meyer (who is getting married in 2 weeks!) who owns Shop at Lola in Long Beach
* Richard Barth, a big sweetie who also happens to be a published scifi author ten times over, from Red Rock Press
* Shelly (Sheryl Crow look-alike) and Ann (Jennifer Aniston-look alike) with Bella's Dream, cute 3-D children's mats that Shelly's husband illustrated
*Siblings Jeff and Tina from Molla Space, who scouts and represents Japanese artists (my absolute favorite is their mansion planter)
*Super sweet Leah and Christian, who revitalized Pressed, Ink

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chelsea said...

Your booth looks absolutely fantastic.