08 June 2008

Studio Sale, Part Two

It's been slow-going, but I finally have this post up! Here are the rest of the pictures of our Studio Sale from last month. My sister and her best friend, Joanna, helped out by manning the cash wrap and taking care of all the details while I played hostess. Joanna also did a fabulous job of capturing the event. Thank you, helper elves!

Shelves of assorted boxed papergoods (sewn + old school flats).

New 5x7 Notepaper Flats resting on a vintage desk file I found in the basement of The Paris Market in Savannah, GA. I miss meandering up Broughton Street to this fastidiously curated store with an old-fashioned beverage bar. But I miss my favorite store, At Home the mostest, where I took all my visiting guests and almost never left empty-handed. But of course, Liz!

I also picked up a few gorgeous cigar boxes during the same vintage shopping trip. Perplexed Alex kept asking me if I really wanted to pay for someone else's "trash." The cigar boxes still had debris, the tops were torn off, and the rickety desk file was/is quite battered. But he saw the dreamy look in my eyes and helped me out of the basement. I'm a lucky girl to have his love.

Here's Joy shopping literally right after a grueling car trip to and from Salt Lake City. What a trouper!

There's Steph inspecting some stationery; she brought her husband James and lusted after my Marc Jacob's mouse flats. It's because I drooled over her vampy red heels at her birthday party. That girl can shop!

Our son-cupcake playing peek-a-boo with Aunt Saunders. We truly appreciated everyone's support, and taking the time to visit our humble studio. We love you!


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Such great design!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

what a cute shop - so feminine and lovely.