19 May 2008

Yelle Dakota

Dakota, our shop's mascot, is a dichotomy: he's never far, yet not that social. He (yup, a boy - even our turtle and our hamster-may-he-rest-in-peace, are male, so I'm the princess in this castle, no contest) is henning next to my box of ribbons by my feet. Henning = laying with his front paws tucked underneath him, and tailed curled around his body, so that he looks like a chicken roosting. I don't think he'll ever be a lapcat, but he'll jump into my lap for short bouts whenever he wants belly rubs, which is about ten times a day. My studio's sliding glass door faces the courtyard of our complex, so neighbors can see him soaking up the sun as they walk by. No one can resist; I'll see familiar faces cooing at Dakota all day long, and he loves all the attention.

Living with a cat forces one to change perspectives. Philosophically... another post, perhaps. But I'm talking about things catless people don't think twice about. We've gotten used to using shredded toilet paper, having an avid (and loud) audience whenever we eat chicken anything, ignoring those mysterious solo cat races across the house, and learning never to leave baskets of Holden's laundry on the ground. Those little balled up clean baby socks are perfectly paw-sized. To bat all around our wood floors during the wee hours of the night, that is.

New Music Love: One of the five million reasons why I love my sister is that she's a music junkie and finds all these cool artists for me to try. Thanks, Jister! Yelle is a French electropop group that I do not recommend listening to at 2am with a great sound system if you have neighbors close by, unless you invite them over. They're pretty bass-y and dance-riffic. They were profiled in this month's Nylon, and though I can barely decipher what she's saying with my two semesters of college French, I think killer music is purt near universal.

Particiularly hearting "Ce Jeu" remix by The Twelves, and "A Cause des Garcons" regular and remixed. Yum!

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