23 May 2008

New Goods! Part Two

I fell in love with this stardust-y, shim-shimmery paper the moment I saw it. Thick, luxurious, and so gorgeous it can stand alone as chic stationery. Pairing these with our rainbow of envelope colors brings out the magical quality of the cover. The basket containing the confection-labeled sets at our Studio Sale was considerably lighter at the end of the day.

The pattern combinations for the heart smocks were so inspiring to me, I wanted to let it unravel elsewhere. The solution: reversible hair ties, for any age. You can tie it in a double-knot to prettyily keep stray hair in place while working or playing away. Sewn with shimmery gold thread. This strawberry/black white cherries one is posing in a vintage strawberry pint basket.

Artist's no-frills rendering of new personalized stationery: Old School Notepaper. The non-personalized sets* were also quickly snatched up at our Studio Sale, so I've decided to give them a permanent home in our shop. In original Primer Blue + Red-Pink, or sweetly modern Pink + Sage. Oh, and new size! 5x7.

*coming soon, my dears!

1 comment:

chelsea said...

These are so darling!! I was so surprised to see my little notecards on your homepage. How fun!:)

-chelsea, frolic!