20 May 2008

New Goods! Part One

Been doing a little spring cleaning and creating at our shop! We've added a new section (cleverly called "New!") on our menu, underneath "Our Favorites." Fresh pictures of our princesse tutus are up here.

Revamped our boxed ribbon notes, with new pictures. We've pared down our cheeky phrases to 14 of the fan favorites. Ix-nayed the picot notes for now. Those cute but feathery ribbons were difficult to attach, but they may make a comeback in the future. To contrast the sassiness, we've introduced a new 15-phrase line of sweet: rounded cursive. See below!

The last item for this Part One special is the Old School Flats. Being a former English major, I have a special place in my heart for grammatical and spelling errors. I think they're punny. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for Part Two. Same Bat channel, same Bat time!

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