03 May 2008

Mother's Day Studio Sale

Last weekend, I invited friends and family to a private event; a Mother's Day Studio Sale! With loads of help from my cheerful sister (who took all these photos), our studio was chock-a-block with Cake + Milk items for perusal. Since all our stuff is made-to-order, I burned many a midnight oil concocting papergoods to stock our shelves. Happily, lots were sold, though the over-achiever in me wanted the studio bare by the end. A big sugar "Thank You!" to those who attended and made our shindig a success.

(Boxes of Ribbon Notes in vintage cigar boxes, and Reversible Lavender + Lemon Heart Smock)

Strawberry cupcakes topped with vanilla frosting and orange sprinkles.

Reversible hair ties in favorite fabric combinations (black and white cherry print sewn to a field of tiny strawberry pink posies; multi-colored wildflowers on chocolate matched with a sun-faded yellow print).

Shimmery flats paired with colorful envelopes - hugged by a striped vintage confection-inspired label.

P.S. Kindly leave a comment should you wish to purchase the Reversible Hair Ties or Shimmery Flats, as they are not on the website yet!

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::{J}:: said...

Hey, just found your blog & site...fun! Those cupcakes are making me hungry!