29 May 2008

J'Adore Les Robes Bleues

My sister's senior prom is coming up, so we went shopping last week on 3rd Street in Santa Monica. We both ended up with dresses; hers a peach vintage-looking sleeveless short pleated dress, which she looked fantastic in. And my "prom" dress, a royal blue. Been so in love with that color for frocks lately! And I've always loved dresses... what's not to love about one garment that accomplishes many points? Ease of use, but doesn't look effortless, radiates fabulosity and femininity, can accessorize it down or up. I love being a girl!

Squealed when I saw the Vanessa Barrantes dress on the Anthropologie sale rack last month. Even with the reduced price (of Ninety-Nine Dollars!), I hemmed and hawed a bit. But in the end, I took the splurge. Too bad LA weather has been roasting us alive! Maybe I'll have to wait until autumn to don it...

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