15 May 2008

Friends + Family Update

A few weeks ago, we took our Behbeh on his first Disneyland trip! I haven't been that excited about Disneyland in years. While I was waiting in line for the first ride, Alex and Holden went to the Mad Hatter to get him the ears (per my sister, the Aunt's, request). He wears them out sometimes, and we call him Mickey. Two-and-a-half year old Noah (see below), while wearing his, insists on being called Mickey Mouse, and calls their dog "Pluto." Too cute.

We rode about 4 rides, ending with the Nemo submarine (ridiculous line), and Holden was so tired that he fell asleep upright in his daddy's arms. We couldn't stop laughing and kissing him. Why didn't anybody tell us that offspring were so heartwarming? We would've plotted and hatched years ago.

{ Support Crafty Sisters } So... remember my creative friend Amy who made Holden the adorable yellow owl doll (side note: did I ever mention she sent a jacket with the same yellow owl stitched on for Holden's January birthday? We get so many compliments whenever he wears it out)? She finally started her etsy! Congrats, Amy! The above picture (taken by Amy) is of the present she gave me and is sitting on one of our entertainment center's shelves. Owl love you forever, Amy!

{ Bittersweet } We bid "see you later!" to our SC/LA friends, the Stansells. We perused Universal Citywalk, ate at Bubba Gump (we're in front of it, with full bellies) and ducked into many sugar-laden stores. Noah is cut off because the random picture-taker doesn't have any children: this is my conclusion. He looks just like a blonde kewpie doll, and is a sweetheart. They've moved to Utah temporarily (like my optimism, guys?) and are aiming to move back in a year or so for a dream job. We'll miss our Sunday lunches... and Christmas at the Grove!

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beckysu22 said...

ahhh... this post makes me smie, but also makes me so sad. thanks for showing us the ins and outs of la and for all the food bill fights! we love all of you and will miss our adopted cali fam so much!