06 February 2008

Vote for Alex!

One sleepless night half a year ago, I entered Alex in Redbook's America's Hottest Husband contest half a year ago, knowing it was a crapshoot, but also knowing he'll always be the hottest husband in the galaxy to me. Imagine my surprise when the Redbook editor called me last week, wanting an interview! I wasn't sure if he'd be a finalist, but I just checked their site, and there's his noggin in the #1 spot:

vote for alex!

vote for alex!

Please vote for him here! You may only vote once. Now that he's in the running, let's have Alex win!

P.S. He is so highly embarassed... if any of his guy friends are reading this, don't make fun of him too much!

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Heloise Bottomley said...

Dear Angeline
I've been following your blog for a while and thoroughly enjoy my visits. I also happen to think your stationary is gorgeous, so I gave you a mention on my blog. You can follow it up or not.