26 February 2008

"I Can Live For Two Months On A Good Compliment." - Mark Twain

Every so often, a kindred spirit takes a few moments out of their precious day and writes a lovely compliment about our shop. As with any sole proprietor, there are more moments of worry/stress/some-more-worry that weigh the soul down with discouragement. Post-holiday lull in sales. New directions. How to please both retail and wholesale clients. Being just a blip in cyberspace. Why this paper makes me look fat.

But it's those kind, sincere words that beams a rainbow into the dark and rejuvenates not only myself, but it runneth over to Cake + Milk as well. Thank you to all those who've given this little-shop-that-could the priceless gift of compliments and press. You have warmed my heart and put a glow on my face that takes a few days to extinguish.

"I bought a few boxes of your stationery a few years ago (from the Jelly & Anchovy site) and loved it. I've been looking for your work ever since, randomly taking work breaks to run a jelly/anchovy search to see if the site was back up, or if you were doing something else. Let me tell you that I'm so glad that you're back! Your stationery is beautiful and charming, and I can't wait to tell all my friends --- or simply send them cute cards. :) Good luck!"
{ L. M. - Los Angeles, CA }

"I live on an island in North Carolina. Sometimes swell things are hard to come by. While at work one day (I am a school teacher) I stumbled across your site. I really, and I mean REALLY love your groovey yet gracious stationery. I ordered from you and it arrived yesterday. Imagine my glee....I don't think you can. Everything was so ARTfully packaged and I could tell it was handled with sincerity. Thank you so much. >sigh< "
{ M. O. - Oak Island, North Carolina }

"This is my second order since I discovered your store - I am totally obsessed, you take such care and have the loveliest and cheekiest choices :-) I just ordered 2 gifts for friends so they can discover you (they share my love for stationery!) Choosing is the hard part! Thank you!"
{ J. T. - Miami, Florida }

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Liz Demos said...

From one sole proprietor to another...I hear you loud and clear. I don't think people realize what an impact their kind words have on us all.