31 January 2008

Made for You by Amy Plew

Did I ever mention my super crafty friend, Amy? We received a surprise packaged yesterday on our doorstep, and I was so ecstatic! Her sunny owl for Holden is adorable, but to up that adorable-ness was a rhyme tied to his wing.

mr. owl
said mr. owl, sitting in a tree,
"how would you like
to be like me?
i sleep all day
in the bright sunlight,
and look for my dinner
in the middle of the night!"

told you so. i can't wait until she starts her felt company with her mommah, because i just bought snippets of plant-dyed pressed felt wool at exorbitant prices. how can i choose just a few colors? i love them all...

we're wearing that bear hat out because it's been chilly here lately. yes, los angeles does get in the 50s during the day. i snapped this before we left for dinner. those ears are too cute, and the tassels make him look like he has pigtails. a lot of people mistake holden for a girl, though i dress him in blues and greens. i think it's his golden brown curls. :)

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