02 December 2007

How a Cake & Milk Papergood Goes Home

If you love the small pleasures in life, like Amelie dipping her fingers into a barrel of beans, with a healthy love of trivia, methinks you'll enjoy this post. This is how our papergoods go home to their owners.

{ One } Here's two boxes of personalized notions I took a particular fancy to. They looked too cute together; it's for sisters, presumably. I read between the lines a lot with orders. It's thought-provoking and helps me create with more care. The one on the left is Baby Ribbon Notes with cotton candy ribbon, and the right one is Children's Personalized Flats in Primary Tablet.

{ Two } After the last bow is tied and box sealed, I sometimes* make coordinating fabric bags. I choose coordinating cotton fabric from my carefully selected stash of bolts, and stitch up a custom-fit bag. This particular Japanese-y pattern has white lotuses on a navy background. One of my favorite color combinations lately is navy with fuchsia, so tra la! Hot pink ricrac detail. After nestling our friend in, I tie the oh-so-sixties sack dress with a chocolate satin sash.

*Sometimes = exclusive offer with a symbiotic entity, customer dropped major dough (thank you!), customer seems extra generous with gifting others, etc. Basically, at my whim.

{ Three } I rummage around for the tissue paper color of the moment, which happens to be Robin's Egg Blue (or Pistachio or Cotton Candy or Polka Dots). It's what's on our walls downstairs, and it inspires me giddily. I generally add in goodies* (see asterik explanation above) and receipt, then twist, fold and seal it shut with a hand-embossed seal.

{ Four } Our friend is now freshly made-up, dressed, beribboned twice and jacketed. Time to slide into her carriage! This priority mail box fits most of our papergoods juuuuust right. I tape on the label, and hand it to our friendly neighborhood postal worker. Bid it a tearful farewell... each papergood I make is always difficult to relinquish given the amount of time+thought invested, but I know each one will go to a marvelous home.

{ The End }

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Gundacker Family said...

How fun to see my daughters' stationery up here. You were right--they are sisters (5 and 2) and they LOVE their own notecards! They are beautiful and after Christmas is over (thank you notes have been written), I'm sure we'll be ordering more to replenish the supply!