05 December 2007

Happy Birthday, Claire!

Today is my sister-in-law's birthday, and she looks about 16. She is actually double that (and plus one, right?) and weighs about 80 lbs. Before our nephew was 5 months old, she lost all her baby weight and then some, and when she was visiting us in SC and I was folding the laundry, her jeans looked like they belonged to a kindergartener.

*Sigh* I'm just mad at myself because I came back from Rite Aid in my pajamas with 3 gallons of Thrifty's ice cream (in my defense: they were having a sale! And I was lucky to grab the last of the Chocolate Malted Crunches! And they are our favorite ice cream that we abstained from for the last 4 years because there is no such thing on the East Coast!). Luckily, the guy ahead of me started laughing, saying what a sight I made. A skinny girl with an armload of fatty goodness. That skinny comment made my day (though it's not precisely true. When I re-fit into my little black dress, I'll whoop in triumph) and my ice cream covered lips are still grinning.

The above is a basket full of "you're totally rad" ribbon notes, made for beloved Liz, of Daily Stroll. She ordered them for her PR company clients, and I hope they enjoy her thoughtful gifts!

These flats inspired new cheeky quotations this weekend. When I finish the wholesaler's website (which I should be doing now, and not blogging), updating the cheeky flats with the new line is next in queue. I love Enlish!

Just a break from the "batman smells" phrase, which I snap a lot because it's the best-selling one. I think this epitomizes the holidays, and a tangible reminder of what this season is about: the commemoration of Christ's birth. I was at Home Goods today, and the lines were pretty unbearable, with two cashiers to match. The mom in front of me had a cute girl about Holden's age, and we were talking to each other through our babies (you know, "Say hello! Hello there! Oh look at the Mommy and her Baby!"). When she finally was in front of Grumpy Clerk #1, she exclaimed, "Everyone is in the holiday spirit, right? It's a happy time!" with a merry laugh. That lightened up the disheartened and impatient shoppers (me included).

Oh, how I love calicos in soft, sunset-y colors! And vintage prints for children! I really wish I had more time (this is a euphemism for patience, which I lack. The preciseness of patterns really throws me in for a loop) because I'd love to make little girl's smocks and aprons with a lot of the prints I have. Do you think my little boy would look too tough in lavender flower breeches?

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Kamber Polly said...

Your stuff is really cute! I do want to tell you that it should be "you're" retarded. Not "your" retarded.