28 November 2007


Been going a leetell bit crazy at Anthro lately, and these are just two of my finds. I love sea urchins and was so happy to find these bone china reef cup and saucer set on sale at The Grove a few weeks back. I went back today to buy two more (I only bought six) and to my credit card's delight, there were zilch left. Geez, a girl's gotta act fast 'round these parts. Not to fear, as I discovered this adorable sugar bowl. Hemmed and hawed, because I abhor not buying things at reduced rates (justifies my frequent purchases), but finally gave in. There were only three left at $18! I better host a tea party soon with all this paraphernalia.

P.S. Sewing Basket Apron is on my wish list... along with an iPod...

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