15 November 2007

Deux Contest Winners

Congratulations to Deborah and Jessica who won thetipjar.com's contest! They will receive a free box of Personalized Holiday Vintage Flats (it'll look like the boxes above, which Dakota can't get enough of). For all who entered and did not win: do not despair! We love giveaways! To be notified of our next contest/giveaway, email cakeandmilkpaperie-subscribe@topica.com, or sign-up at our shop.

Our customer Guilyn's Sky and Cherry Lovebirds order. In addition to this post-nuptial stationery, she ordered pre-wedding stationery in the Bride Vintage Graphic Flats, which I thought was too adorable! Miss Guilyn was also one of the super patient ones who ordered during our cross-country move.

Framed Wings of my Behbeh's name, hung in our guest bedroom in the durrrty South. The walls are a lavender-gray, which can't really be differentiated in this picture. Can't wait to put it up in the office and teach Behbeh letters and why his Mommah loves birds. (Answer: Because they're chubby, cheerful, colorful and fluffy. Oh, and they get rid of worms and bugs with a song and a smile!)

Bow Heel Vintage Graphic Flats (with the rainbow mix envelopes) commissioned by Miss Jill a few weeks back. She also ordered the Pin-Up Girl (back left, out-of-focus, with the lucky cupid envelope mix), and they both came out really cute with the kaleidescope of envelopes.
We hope all our ladies are enjoying their papergoods - I loved making every piece! Packaging update is scheduled next...

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