13 November 2007

Crazy Month

A sweet, ecstatic thank you to all our customers who were patient with us during our Crazy Month. One thinks s/he has a handful of belongings, but when packing, discovers otherwise. (This is an understatement). We still have a few more boxes to unearth, but for the most part, Alex, Behbeh, Dakota and I are settled in our apartment in Sherman Oaks, California! Our downstairs is Robin's Egg blue, which makes me so happy, and the upstairs rooms are a dusky storm blue and sage green. We trekked to the Pasadena Flea Market (huge!) on Sunday, and picked up a few knickknacks for our place while munching on a bag of kettle corn. My favorite finds: a distressed wooden sign in the shape of a cup and saucer, two small birdbaths in cream and gray, and tiny high-top "all blue chucks" for Behbeh.

So to catch y'all up on the October Bahamas trip: this is my beautiful esquire friend, Jina, during her ceremony to the also esquire Joe at the One and Only Club's Cloisters. We were roasting under the tropical sun and oppressive humidity, but the lovebirds don't look like it, yes? Must be magical love. They performed a mutual foot washing, symbolizing their Christ-like devotion to each other, which I found moving. I wish they lived closer than New York, but we'll see them for Christmas! Congratulations to them again!

This is not a postcard. It is the actual view from our room at the Atlantis Hotel in Paradise Island. I tried to spruce it up, as I do with all my photos, but the autofix function produced the same picture as the taken. My Canon is so smart. It knew perfection. I've never seen such aqua water, and it is as jewel-like up close as well. I tried jogging along the coast, but the raw sugar sand sucked my running shoes into the earth. Plus, the humidity was thick as cake, even at 7am. And of course, Bahamians were breezing right past me, chugging along like they were on a rubber track. Bloody show-offs.

Somewhere perimetering the bottom of this huge resort were mondo aquariums filled with all kinds of oceanic flora and fauna. Behbeh was so mesmerized with the sparkly tropical fish (especially the percula/clown fish you see here) and pee-in-your-pants enormous sting rays serenely swimming six inches past your nose. I'm talking 20-foot wing spans. And those suckers are quick! We bought Behbeh a stuffed one at an embarrassingly ridiculously overpriced cost (this adjective applied to everything there, especially the $45 two cheeseburger meal at Johnny Rockets), and we'll tell him stories when he's all growned up.

Being deprived of a conveniently close Ikea for several years, we took about 5 trips to the Burbank one these past two weeks. It's like Vegas - there are no clocks, so you can easily lose three hours of your life in there. You emerge from the big blue labyrinth with a belly full of meatballs and hazlenut chocolate cookies and exclaim, "Wow! It's Wednesday already?" Anyway, this was taken during one of the trips. We plopped him down in a vat of plush elephants and started snapping away. We almost drew a crowd because Behbeh was being so darn adorable. What else is new? ;)

Good to be home and see family - but how we miss our dear SC friends.

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