10 October 2007

Weeds are Flowers, Too, Once You Get To Know Them

Per Alex's request, we trekked to one of Hilton Head Island's beaches a few weekends ago. I now realize he wanted to go so he could fall asleep (with a full belly of Taco Bell) to the white noise of the Atlantic ocean's waves. No bother. Caught up on my Behbeh photosnapping.

We took a farewell trip to Charleston on Saturday, and took a tad too long at Pottery Barn (is there such a thing?). Found a parking ticket flapping on our windshield for... $8. Eight dollars?! I'm so used to $26 Los Angeles infractions (is it still $26? it was 3.5 years ago when we still lived there. I need to know because we're moving back in a few weeks) that $8 seems quite hilarious. Behbeh crashed hard on the way home, and I stuck his Pottery Barn bear (no relation to the current store visit) next to his cheek as buffer. His head is shaped like an apple with a button nose.

{ Non Sequitor Comment That Segues To Food Because it's Midnight and I'm Hungry }

My friend Lynnie found an adorable quote by Eeyore: "Weeds are flowers, too, once you get to know them." Everytime I think of her, my tummy goes rumbly for coconut cream cake. She froze the remainder of her wedding cake and served it to me and Alex once, and once was all I needed to dream about it. Mmm...

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