23 September 2007

Two Things That Melt My Heart

I gave a Big Sister gift to Anna, my friend Eenie's niece, when her little brother Ethan was born. The cutest thing Eenie said about the 4 year-old red-headed cutie - "She wanted to trace every single card, and her mom had to stop her." I'm glad the "i can write" cards were a hit, as the line was inspired by her. It was so endearing to receive Anna's card, I had to snap a picture to brag how precocious she is.

And Behbeh was having a drooly good time chomping away on his teething ring while his Uhm-mah experimented with the underused B/W option on her camera. He is such a hodiekins (one of my million nicknames for him. Another is "skee-ball head that smells like puppy" - because it does).


Mélanie said...

I can understand why and how your heart melts .
Mine too

Claire said...

these cards are brilliant! Especially the "Please forgive me" ones. We need those 'round these parts...