18 September 2007

Ric Rac Tuesday

Finally finished the sewn flats I promised my jister. She was looking for a birthday gift for her close friend Ani, and now I can send these off with Alex as he makes his LA trip tomorrow. My poor husband - cramming in three interviews, apt/condo searching, family and friend visits, all in basically deux days. We'll really miss AHHH-ppah (I say this about a hundred times to Behbeh after Alex comes home - I'm UHHHM-mah)!

Wasn't too thrilled about the lovebirds stationery shots from yesterday, so retook them today, with peppier results. I am just adoring the pops of color against the off-white! They give me an endorphin rush. I must remember to take pix of the return address on the 5x7 envelopes. It reads: { THE LORENZ NEST }. When will I get tired of our plumed muse?

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