12 September 2007

Nobody Puts Baby In a Corner

For those of you wondering "Wow, these papergoods look eerily similar to MIA Jelly and Anchovy's...", guess what. You're not hallucinating. A year and a half ago, my beloved firstborn's name got pirated. And I've tried all shenanigans to contact them to get my name back, all futile. You see, the name has nostalgic value, as it derived from the nicknames my husband and I gave each other when dating (hint: I'm not the stinky one). And the little shop that could was my firstborn toddler.

Anyway, I gave a good cry, then shifted perspectives. I was the caterpillar who thought its world was ending. What a chalk-free September slate! It coincided with my slightly unexpected pregnancy, so Cake and Milk grew with our Behbeh. Gestation, heartburn, foot massages, labor, sleepless nights, miniscule but constant milestones. And I'm not even talking about Holden.

Above are the highlights of Jelly and Anchovy's press. What a scrumptious version 1.0 of Cake and Milk Paperie.

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