04 September 2007

Month of Eemos

What is an "eemo?" It's Korean for Aunt; specifically, sister of your mother. My baby sister (okay, she's 17, but will always be a baby in my eyes) Kat stayed with us for the entire month of August, and our magical house seems emptier, paler. She learned how to play two songs on the guitar, cook steaks, back-to-school-shopped in Charleston, got baptized, fell in love with Behbeh even more, taught me how to PhotoShop, introduced me to Feist (currently listening to "My Moon My Man"), landed a royal flush while playing Texas Hold 'Em, and schlepped to Wal-Mart more times than she ever thought she'd go.

My cousins Sandra and Helen also visited back-to-back, about 4-5 days apiece. We took them to the highlights of Savannah: At Home (decidedly the best store in the city, and first stop for our out-of-towners - Liz Demos' vintage general store), The Paris Market (chic Parisian 2-story vintage store, complete with soda shop), Marc by Marc Jacobs (home of $11 necklaces, $7 latin phrase bracelets, and the cutest $355 mouse face pony b/w flats - heartheartheart).

For Food Network-lover Sandra, Paula Deen's restaurant, Lady and Sons, was in order. The wait was atrocious, but relatively short compared to the weekends. My sister and Sandra loved the Southern food buffet, even though they were out of grits. Quite perplexing. How could that have been? Grits flow like the molasses accent out here. Sometimes when I don't even want grits, they magically appear. Most of the time smothered in cheese.

For RISD grad student Helen, a perusal around shopSCAD, the student and faculty produced wares of the Savannah College of Art and Design, was a given. We picked up every other item and ooohed, while muttering how expensive everything was. 60 greenbacks for a dimunitive hand-sewn notebook? 35 buckaroos for a non-aesthetically pleasing ceramic wine-stopper? Not so much.

We filched a few free postcards, snapped pictures at Spanish-moss dripping Forsythe Park (see Alex holding BehBeh above? No? Check next to his head for a minature one), and topped off our store forays at the Gallery Espresso, the eclectic and yummy SCAD student-magnet coffeehouse. More importantly, it's the home of the $6 a slice Coliseum 6-layer Chocolate Cake (aka "The Devil"). Alex tried to hypnotize me by repeating "You Do Not Want That Cake" to which I retorted, "Look, I don't lie to myself. I WANT TO EAT IT, pretty badly, I might add, but I will not." Victorious. For the hour.

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