19 September 2007

John Register Fans = 1

My favorite artist of the moment is realist painter John Register, whom I first heard of during the In Her Shoes commentary. A print of his is in Toni Collette's abode, and the design team chose it for its depiction of loneliness. I've been combing the web for the print, to no avail. "The Conversation" (above) is one of the few I was able to unearth. J'aime beaucoup tableaus of stark loneliness; it radiates a sense of purity and loveliness. His works are constantly compared to Edward Hopper's quiet Americana, but the difference between them is both subtle and capacious. Register compels the viewer to feel suppressingly isolated, while Hopper's (and the ones below) subjects are merely empathized with.

My all-time favorite serene photographs are 1} George Hoyningen Huene's July 5, 1930 Vogue pix, and 2} John Rawling's 1947 Vogue cover. Can we say zen timelessness? *heartheart*

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