31 August 2007


my soon-to-be-senior-in-hs sister is visiting from california (oh, how i miss thee), so we decided to wriggle our toes in the warm atlantic waters. seven-month behbeh is at a stage where absolutely everything must be chewed. this perplexes our tabby, whose hind paw/ear/tail almost gets gummed every day.

we're picking up our risd grad student cousin in an hour from the airport, and i'm so excited! she'll love the savannah architecture and dirrrty south culture. btw - since when did interior designers become "interior architects?" and this whole 2400 SAT inflation?

cheated and took out my fall decorations yesterday. those plush pumpkins make me grin... how i love the smell of fall. smoky, crisp, quiet. in a few months i can finally pull out my favorite cream wool coat with ruffles and wooden buttons. and the tan boots i wore only a handful of times before i got preggers and couldn't zip it up past my calf. so sad.

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